Just Make A Decision


Are you the type of person when asked a question can answer it right away?  I don’t mean would you like to eat Italian food or Chinese food for dinner?  I mean when you are asked a question that will impact your life, your family, or your future.  Do you answer right away? Or do you overthink everything?  I am guilty of overthinking the smallest decisions that some people make in a heartbeat.

I have been faced with many decisions to make in my life.  The hardest decisions were with Sydney, autism, and epilepsy.  I had to make decisions about tests, surgical procedures, medications, treatments and schools.  When asked these questions I wish I could just give an immediate response. Not me, I have to overthink it.

I have said before to go in your prayer closet to pray and feel confident about your decision. But, I also would like to think that I am wise enough to make a decision boldly when first asked. When faced with a decision I can’t answer right away.  I need to create lists, graphic organizers,  do my research and flip a coin.


I need to take charge, make a decision and be at peace.  The next time I have a decision to make,  I will go with my gut instinct and not make the decision harder than it has to be.  I will see how this works Tuesday, when I have to make an important decision.


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