LuLa Who?

How do you like this print?



You know that I am behind on the latest everything.  I noticed people wearing these bright, bold leggings everywhere.  At first I must admit I thought they were pajamas. Then a friend told me that they were LuLaRoe leggings.  My information may be incorrect but I believe you can only purchase them through a consultant who has these “pop up” parties.

Leggings and I usually aren’t friends.  Rarely do I wear leggings out in public.  The key to wearing leggings for me is definitely wearing a tunic that covers my bottom, preferably down to my knees. Everyone told me that once you wear these leggings you won’t ever wear dress pants again. I noticed many teachers in Delaware were wearing these leggings, dresses and tops.

At work I do a lot of walking, sitting on the carpet and climbing, you name it. My class keeps me moving.  Feeling comfortable really does help me mentally.  So I bought a pair of LuLaRoe leggings and wore them yesterday for the first time.

Here’s my review of my experience.  I must say that I layered appropriately.  You could not see all of my curves.  And Sydney gave me the thumbs up.  I wasn’t sure about the size so I bought tall and curvy.  Well, you all know I am not tall but I am curvy so the fit was perfect.

The leggings were very soft and comfortable.  It was like wearing pajamas. My mom asked me if it was pajama day at work. When I told her no, she just smiled at me . But the true fashion critics would be my students.  They examine everything and notice new things about me every day.  So I waited for their comments when I greeted them at the door.

Well, I passed.  My students said that I looked nice and not one of them said I was wearing my pajamas.  I give LuLaRoe a thumbs up for quality and comfort.  However, I do wish the price was a little cheaper but I was pleased with my purchase.

So please inform me of the latest styles in case I miss it. I am glad that I bought something for myself for a change.  Next on the list is a fitbit. Yes, I know everyone already has one.

Doing things for myself is now a priority.



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