I Can’t People Today


Everyone knows that I love people.  I enjoy entertaining at my home.  Meeting new people is always a joy for me.  Networking with others is fun.  You can put me in a room of strangers and I can find someone to talk to.  In case you didn’t know it,  I love to talk.

Do you ever have those days when you wake up and just “can’t people”?  Now don’t get me wrong. When I wake up every morning before my feet hit the ground I thank God for another day. But there are times when I struggle. I think that is okay.

Today is one of those days for me.  I “can’t people” today.  It has nothing to do with friends, family, work or anything that happened to me.  I need time to get my thoughts in order. A day where I can pray, find some scriptures to read and to journal.  Maybe even add to my vision board. And of course spend time with Harrison and Sydney.

Days like this mean that I withdraw from the world to focus on rebuilding Brooke. Not withdraw because I am depressed. I withdraw because I need to set goals, make decisions, and clear my head. Maybe I will read that book that’s been on my nightstand for months. Or change the lightbulbs, or hang a few pictures around the house. I might even work on social stories and work on our plans for Disney.

The fact that I am awake at 3:0o am with Sydney on a Saturday morning means that I will get a lot done. By 3:00 pm today I’ll be ready to “people again”. 😊

It is okay to block out the world to rejuvenate yourself. Just don’t stay there. Remember you are amazing and have so much to share with the world. Let your light shine!

Love you friends,




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