“Brooke, did you ever forgive her?”


This will probably be the closest that my blog comes to a reality tv show episode. To be honest with you it is not really that interesting.  Many friends reached out to me on my anniversary just to say hello and check on us.  The kids and I had a great day.  Syd took a nap and The Lions won. It doesn’t get better than that.

One reader asked me if I ever forgave my husband’s mistress.  She is going through infidelity issues in her marriage now.  If you have followed my blog you know that I have forgiven my ex.  Forgiving him was the best thing that I could have done because that’s when blessings began to flow into our lives. To be honest I hadn’t forgiven Trixie.  Trixie isn’t her real name. That’s the name my good friend Gina and I gave her when we were enjoying Starbucks one day in Michigan.

Yes, it takes two to tango and I had to forgive her at some point. I never had any interaction with her.  I didn’t drive by her house, job, stalk her or slash her tires.  Keep in mind these are things that have been done in movies, not things that I was plotting. 🙂

I am a believer in karma. One day Trixie reached out to me.  I was classy and not trashy.  She started off asking me how to deal with my ex.  This was my first indicator of her maturity level. I politely told her that she wanted him, so she would have to figure that out.  I also told her in a nice way that she had to remember that all that glitters ain’t gold!  What was missing from him was his “rib”, that was me. And that he wouldn’t be the same man that he was when he was married to me.  I told her I forgave her and went to hang up the phone.

Before I could, she said, “Brooke, I’m sorry my life has been a living hell”. She told me  she lost her job and her loft. As I played my violin. She realized that she had reaped what she sowed.  It didn’t happen instantly, but when it did my kids and I popped into her head. I don’t know if she is still with him. I didn’t ask and really don’t care. I asked her not to contact me again.  And I wished her well.  She probably wanted to hear about all that the kids and I have gone through. But she didn’t deserve to know our struggle.  She can read all about it in my memoir when I publish it.


I share this with my readers because, women we are strong human beings. No matter what you go through you are not alone.  You are not the first woman to deal with infidelity and sadly you won’t be the last. My steps are ordered by God. I experienced everything that I was supposed to.  It has made me a woman of faith, substance, virtue and love.  When you trust God and let Him fight your battles. You will have a peace that you can’t begin to describe to others. Don’t allow yourself to live in the past.  Look to the future for blessings.

~From tears to triumph.


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