It’s My Anniversary


The kids and I were having our weekly family meeting.  We were completing our calendar for the week with all of our reminders.  Then I remembered that October 16th was the day of love. It was my anniversary.

I only blog about it because I want to share my testimony of how much stronger I am now.  And I how I fought to get my name back.  This is for those that are going through the beginning stages of a divorce.  It doesn’t matter if you filed or your spouse filed for divorce.  The process will be painful for all of those involved.


But you will survive. You may not see it or believe me, trust me you will.  When I think back to the months leading up to our final court date. I remember the flood of feelings. I was angry, I questioned God and said why my marriage?  I was scared and my self-esteem was low. When God removes something or someone from your life that means that better things are coming your way.

When my divorce was final and it was the first time October 16th rolled around,  I admit I was a hot mess.  I bought new pajamas, wine, brownies, chips and dips. All of the necessities for a pity party. I stayed in bed, watched my sad love movies and listened to sad love songs.

I share all of that with you so that you can see how strong I am now three years later.  I have so much peace in my heart and my self-esteem is better.  My ex thought that the divorce would break me, bless his heart. But I came out with the victory.


I treat October 16th like another birthday, a celebration of Brooke! No tears, sad movies or love songs.  But I will enjoy a class of red wine.

Don’t let divorce shame you or make you feel embarrassed.  You are strong, brave and loved by many. So as Sydney says, “Let’s get this party started.”


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