Autism Siblings

If you want to know the definition of love look at the siblings of children with special needs. They love unconditionally. When Sydney stopped speaking Harrison would speak for her.  He made sure that she always had things that she needed. He was sad because he wanted to play with her but she didn’t understand.

Harrison always enjoyed going to the hospital more than Sydney. It was there he met other kids and played in the video game room.  When Sydney was in the hospital in Ann Arbor for one month.  He enjoyed ordering room service, talking with the nurses and of course talking with the members of the football team when they came to visit. He would always tell me not to wear my MSU shirt in enemy territory whenever we went to Ann Arbor for an appointment.

My twins

Harrison is Sydney’s biggest supporter.  He protects her, loves her, stands up for her and is not embarrassed by her.  He always uses “autism” as a teachable moment.  Harrison doesn’t like the spotlight.  But he enjoys seeing the joy on his sister’s face when she is accepted.

Harrison and I enjoy our special time together.  Sometimes it is a movie night, playing video games or just hanging out.  When we have time away from Sydney, he always wants to rush home to her.  I am looking forward to spending some quality time with him in Florida. I want to make memories that he will look back on and remember.

God knew that our family needed Harrison and Sydney.  Harrison has taught me so much.  I will never forget the day he heard Sydney say his name.  He was so excited. Harrison is very patient with Syd. He even reprimands her. And she doesn’t like to disappoint him.

The bond that they have is beautiful and special to see. When I see them interacting together it makes me so happy.  There are many great things that Harrison has done for his sister.  One thing that I will cherish the most, is when he took her to the Daddy Daughter Dance at school two years ago.  That was an emotional night for me for so many reasons.

I know that it is sometimes hard for Harrison. I know he felt alone, angry and maybe even jealous because Sydney required so much of my attention.  But deep in my heart I know that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are family!



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