Mama Ross


When I enrolled Sydney in Cedar Lane Elementary School, I think I was in a daze. She would miss the first week of school because we had to travel back to Michigan to get the rest of our things.  Because she had an IEP, I had a chance to meet her speech therapist, Mrs. Smalls and her teacher Ms. Ross before her first day.   They would have a chance to review her IEP and we would meet within the month to make any revisions.

From the moment that I met them both I felt at peace.  I knew that they would work with me to help Sydney transition.  I never imagined that I would be working in the same district that my children attended.  I am truly blessed.  Harrison had one wish after leaving Michigan. It was one wish that I don’t regret granting.  He wanted to continue attending a catholic school.  I believe that this helped him with the transition. Nothing can compare to St. Hugo.  But Harrison and I met some great families at Holy Cross.  When I was hired full-time,  I made the switch to public school for Harrison for a variety of reasons.  I have a blog on that coming soon.

Now back to Mama Ross.  First, let me say that Sydney was embraced by the entire staff at Cedar Lane.  She made sure that everyone knew her name.  Remember this girl loves the spotlight. I could blog about everyone who accepted “Syd the Kid” as her 5th grade teacher Mr. Early called her.  All of you are the reason that Sydney is successful today. But Mama Ross has a special place in the hearts of our entire family.


Ms. Ross loves ALL children and truly goes above and beyond to differentiate instruction for their needs. Sydney loves Mama Ross.  It was at Cedar Lane that Sydney was treated as a typical kid. She was given the opportunity to make friends and her reading  soared.  Sometimes I think Syd works more for Ms. Ross than me.  I will never forget her first student led conference where Sydney read her presentation and her goals for the year.

Ms. Ross is the real driving force behind Sydney’s Super Squad.  She has a wealth of knowledge and love that she shares with the world.  We thank God for her and for her beautiful family for sharing her with us.  Ms. Ross believed in Sydney when others didn’t.


I thank God for many things everyday. One of them is the relationship that Ms. Ross developed with Sydney and Harrison.  Mama Ross, your daughter loves you more than you know. She tells me “You’re fired! I want Mama Ross.” Thank you for always being supportive and listening to me vent!

Every student deserves a Mama Ross!


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