Soulful Sunday #2


Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember to whom you belong.

Ephesians 2:19-22

Everyone has their moments when they feel unloved or their self-esteem is at a low point.  The key is not to let yourself dwell in those moments.  Another factor to consider is how did you get to the that situation in the first place.

You can’t blame yourself for feeling the way that you do.  You can however, take control and change your attitude and way of thinking.  I have learned that the way that I view myself is the way others view me.  If I walk around with my head down, not smiling, or not interacting with others, they will view me as anti-social, and unimportant.  The other day the manager of a store told me that when he sees me I am always smiling.  I was in Krestons  which might have had a little to do with my joy. But I try to smile often.

Seriously, in the past I have battled with feeling unimportant and unloved. Of course going through my marriage and divorce I felt unloved. I almost let one person destroy my character. I can recall feeling unimportant on my job, which led to feeling insecure.  My parents raised me well. They reminded me that I should never “show off” or step on the backs of others to show my talents, especially in the work place.  They told me that people will see my talents without me putting myself on display.  They were right. The one that goes unnoticed is always making a huge impact on others.

The scripture in Ephesians speaks to knowing to whom you belong.  I know that God has a plan for me and only me.  When I feel unloved and insecure about myself, then I look to Him for comfort.  I have shared some of the darkest and painful times with all of you on  my blog.  Some have said I am crazy. But I believe it’s been a healing process every time  I hit “publish”.

Don’t go through life letting other make you feel unloved you deserve better.  Don’t let people make you feel insecure because of their issues. My bestie even reminded me of this yesterday too.  Remember you are important and loved by God and by me.


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