What’s In Your Teacher Bag?


Teachers love to carry bags. Vera Bradley, Thirty One, Initials, Lands End the bigger the bag the better. Watch out now for the teacher with the rolling cart! That is a teacher of the year candidate for sure. Sometimes I think we are just as excited as the kids when they return to school.  We like to treat ourselves to a new work bag and we can’t forget the matching lunch bag and tervis cup.


The problem with teachers is that we don’t just have one bag that we carry into school each day.  We have several.  We often look like we are on our way to the airport.  Or we look like the mom that is trying to carry all of the groceries in the house in one trip.  Just like the postal workers, through rain, sleet, snow and hail, we carry our bags to get the job done.

What is exactly in your teacher bag?  Some of the things that we have may surprise you.  Some of the things in our bag might even be a little embarrassing.  I decided to clean out my teacher bag.  That was my first mistake.  I want to share some of the contents in my teacher bag and see how many of my teacher friends can relate.  Or let me know what you have in your bag that I don’t.

  • tons on sticky notes/to do lists from August
  • broken pencils, pens and markers
  • a highlighter that has stained my perfect teacher bag.
  • pictures from my students that I forgot to hang up.

Tip:  Keep a binder in your room for all of the artwork and pictures they give you.  They will love looking at the collection of work all school year.

  • toys that I took from students and forgot to give back.
  • melted candy and candy wrappers.
  • notes from a PD day last June
  • paperclips, staples, and the scraps of laminating film
  • plastic fork and spoon
  • empty plastic container
  • iPhone charger
  • flattened granola bar
  • hair clips, headbands, brush
  • my planner
  • velcro
  • anything with an apple on it
  • hat
  • bleach white out pen
  • sunglasses
  • lip gloss
  • band aids
  • Tylenol
  • hand sanitizer
  • stress ball
  • gift card
  • clipboard
  • lanyard
  • extra clothes(because of my pond experience)
  • My Bible
  • papers to grade/lesson plan book(that’s in my second bag)

A great writing lesson for my students would be to infer what’s in my teacher bag. The responses would be hilarious I’m sure. I will be switching over to my fall/winter teacher bag soon. Teachers know how to pack and we know what we need to survive.  You can spot a teacher a mile away.  If the lanyard doesn’t give it away, the teacher bags surely will.  What’s in your teacher bag?

Happy Friday Teachers


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