Autism Friendly Halloween


Every success story for our family is a huge victory and is celebrated.  Sydney picked out her costume online of course. Harrison decided he didn’t want to dress up but he would serve as Sydney’s bodyguard.  I didn’t prep her with a social story this time.  But I just talked with her when she was outside doing her photo shoot about what to expect.

When we lived in Michigan we would go to the Zoo Boo with my best friend Petra and her boys.  It was torture.  We would walk around the zoo and every time we went it was freezing cold or raining.  Back then Sydney had just learned all of the princesses.  So when she saw someone dressed up as Cinderella or Belle she would want to touch them or scream for them. So we would duck and dodge her favorite characters and focus on the candy.

I remember stopping at one candy station and The Detroit Zoo worker told Sydney if she didn’t say thank you she would have to give the candy back.  Let’s just say she had some autism training provided by myself and her supervisor.  So we gave up trick or treating because Auntie Shirley would have the best Halloween parties at her house.  We would dress up and go to her house and help her pass out candy.  It was safe for us.

Monday night Sydney blended in with the typical children.  She waited her turn. She said trick or treat or Happy Halloween.  She gave people compliments on their costumes.  It was great to see. I tried my best to stay back and let Harrison take her up to the doors.  I also loved hearing her read the signs if no one was home, telling her to take only one piece of candy.  That would have never happened five years ago.


We were only out for 45 minutes but that was enough time.  It gave me an idea of how she will handle Disney.  There was a lot of sensory issues that could have caused a meltdown and she did well.  I posted in our community FB page how thankful I was that everyone embraced autism.  Many residents commented on how well she did and said how protective and polite her brother was.

I’m one happy momma.


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