Is Seasonal Depression Real?


If WebMD says seasonal depression is a real disorder than it is.  Case closed. I have heard this term lately and after listening to a few people share their feelings with me. I think there may be something to having seasonal depression.

When the seasons change I think we all have to adjust to the weather, time change and changes in our daily routines.  Fall seems to be the time when most people struggle.  Yes, the fall colors, the pumpkin everything, The World Series and football season are all great.  But there is something about this time of the year where we withdraw from others, sometimes not even realizing it.

Fall is the time to get the crock pot out and cook all of those comfort food recipes that you found on Pinterest. Bring out your comfy pjs and favorite blanket and stay inside.  For the past two weekends Harrison, Sydney and I have stayed home.  Harrison was sick last week and this weekend I was sick.  But we were content in our home.  We did have company on Friday night.  But we didn’t leave the house until Monday morning.

The kids were happy and content and so was I.  Am I suffering from seasonal depression?  Am I depriving my children from fun weekend activities?  No, I have peace.  When I lived in Michigan living with a failing marriage and the diagnosis of autism, our house was chaotic at times.  My ex was not abusive but I never felt peaceful in my home during the last year of my marriage. We were all walking on eggshells. I didn’t want my children to live like that.

Harrison and Sydney enjoy being at home.  When we were in Michigan being at home all day was difficult.  We would always be on the go and not come home until the evening when it time for Sydney to go to sleep.  Between therapy sessions and appointments and trying to still connect with family and friends, we were always going somewhere.  There was so much to do in Michigan.  We were surrounded by activities that didn’t take an hour to drive to our destination.


My “aha” moment came yesterday.  I like to stay home on the weekends sometimes because I basically work two full-time jobs during the week.  I am up at 3:00 am every morning, the kids are on the bus by 6:40 am.  I work from 8:25-3:45.  Then I race to pick up the kids from my parent’s house.  We have Sydney’s therapy sessions to attend in the evening, help with homework, eat and get ready for bed.  Then repeat.

So, I don’t have seasonal depression.  I’m just one tired mama!!!!!!!!!!  Sydney has been taking a nap on the weekends. A two-hour nap.  That’s better than a Christmas miracle.  So when she naps, I nap.  She will even add nap time to her daily picture schedule.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is not seasonal depression.  So it’s time for me to put my sandals away, find my sweaters and embrace Fall. Do you believe in seasonal depression?


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