Mr. Cable Man

Please make sure my movie is a Netflix original.

People that know me, know that I love a bargain.  I never buy anything that is full price. I always hit the clearance racks first. My first priority is to make sure my kids have what they need and I save myself for last.  I think it would be backwards if I was styling like Mary J. Blige and my kids looked like the Little Rascals.

For me being a single mom, that hardest part was adjusting to one income.  Between prescription costs, copays for appointments and the grocery bill, my head was spinning.  After my divorce I learned how to budget and taught my children that things we did in the past we might not be able to do all of the time.  It wasn’t like we were high rollers  in Michigan.  We were comfortable.

I am always looking for ways to make sure that I am not wasting money.   One area is the cable bill.  Syd wants Disney and Harrison just wants the wi-fi working. For me I like the Food Network, must have TNT and USA.  I realized last week I didn’t need the premium channels anymore.

So I decided to call Verizon to discuss my options.   I was all prepared to talk with the cable guy, as I called him.  His name was Steve and he was helpful.  I explained to him that I no longer wanted my premium channels but wanted ESPN back.  He was nice and said he could arrange that.  He told me there was a better package that would give me Lifetime and a few other channels.  That’s when I had to break it down to Steve, the cable man.  I told him that my life is a lifetime movie I don’t need to watch it On Demand. Trust me .

He continues working on the order and he said “Mam(ugh), let me try to see what is happening because your bill is appearing cheaper but it should really be higher”.  I told Steve, that was my blessing because “I know Jesus”.  He laughed and put me on hold.  The kids were fine but I was praying that this wouldn’t take much longer.  Steve came back on the line. He told me he checked it, his supervisor checked it and the figure is still coming up less in my favor.  I had to remind Steve one last time.  “Steve, I know Jesus and sometimes He makes things happen.  I don’t care how many times you work the numbers my monthly total will still be the same.”  Finally Steve said, ” You do know Jesus because I have never seen this happen before.” Won’t HE do it!

The moral is I had to go from more to less. But the kids would still have some channels and I had ESPN.  Having cable is not a need it is a want.  But the kids have homework that is all internet based so my cable and wifi is in one bundle.  This was a little blessing for me.

Sometimes Jesus will work on your behalf behind the scenes. Don’t fight it or try to explain it.  Just remember to tell them “You know Jesus”.

#jesustakethewheel #iknowjesus


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