All The Single Ladies


I was married for 14 years.  When I got married it was supposed to last forever. Plot Twist!  I did meet my prince charming. He moved in next door to me and asked to borrow my yellow pages.  How romantic right?  But my happily ever after ended differently. I am still living a happy and blessed life with my children but not with him. This blog is for all the single ladies out there. To my sisters that have never been married, are dating after divorce or adjusting to life after the loss of a spouse. Keep your head up.

Not to sound conceited, but I know I still got it! That’s the first affirmation that you must stand on.  If you don’t believe it then neither will a man.  Next, throw away your list of everything that he must possess.  Unless you are going in your basement and making a robot, then you need to realize that you have to be flexible.



I am not saying settle just because you are lonely.  We all get lonely and that’s okay.  But that is your time to work on you and wait on your Boaz.  Love yourself enough to not just have someone in your life because you want to show him off.  Just because all of your friends have someone and you don’t, doesn’t make you any less. Respect yourself enough to be with someone who respects you.  You should never have to beg a person to be with you or make time for you.

If you have never been married, I can sense your urgency. You feel like time is wasting away. Time is allowing you to make sure you are ready for your King.




God has someone special for me. I am preparing for him and he is preparing for me. 




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