I Grew Up Knowing Hell Was Hot!

Six minutes passed and he didn’t answer. Jesus take the wheel.

My parents raised me well and as a reminder they told me that hell was hot. That’s pretty much all they needed to do to discipline me. When I was younger I admit I was sassy.  Many of you know the story when I stabbed my sister with a fork in her stomach because she took the last pickle. Or when I hit her on the head with a Coke bottle before they were plastic. All it took was one phone call from Sr. Albina and I was on the right path.  My parents taught me to respect authority, not be a follower, accept others and to make poeple smile.

They taught me that I was not going to be perfect. That I would make mistakes but I had the power to change or keep making the same mistakes.  They told me hell was hot.

I am blessed to have two wonderful children.  I am not the parent that will say ” My child would never do that.”  All children make mistakes. Children aren’t perfect and neither are all parents.  I have a huge responsibility being a single mom. With God’s help I am raising some amazing children.  This blog is dedicated to Harrison.

Harrison Noah Copher  is a great kid with a huge heart. He’s respectful and loves to meet new people.  He wanted to be a scientist and a priest when he was younger. But when he found out priests couldn’t get married he changed his mind.  Whatever profession he chooses I know that he will do well.

It is hard to believe that he is 14 and will start high school next year. Harrison has nut and fish allergies, he carries an epi pen.  He also has asthma so he carries his inhalers. He had RSV as a preemie so I am always concerned about him.   I can’t prepare him for everything and that scares me.   I am trying not to be a helicopter mom and let him grow. He will learn some of life’s experiences on his own and I hope that he remembers that hell is hot.

This text message exchange happened over the weekend.  Syd and I were up at 3:00 am like usual.  So by 9:41 am I am ready for a nap. So instead of screaming for him. I thought I would just text him and he would reply.  As you can see from the text message he never replied. I had to remind him that unless he is talking to Jesus he needs to answer my text.

I am not trying to scare him. He needs to know that his actions have consequences.  I want to teach him that there is a way to take a stand without being violent.  That bullying, being disrespectful to adults and authority will not be tolerated in our home.  I want him to have a good group of friends that value the same beliefs that he has.

Harrison, I know that you will do things that boys do and I won’t get it because I didn’t have brothers growing up.  I know that you have learned the importance of respecting women. You treat others with the same respect that you would want.  Finally, love your enemies and always trust God.  I love you Harrison Noah Copher. But you need to answer your mother’s text ASAP.

Thank You God for picking me to be Harrison’s mommy.






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