Mommy Wars


Pinterest is to blame.  Pinterest has started this mommy war. Just kidding I love Pinterest. My beach wedding is already planned with the help of Pinterest.  I am a firm believer that women should lift one another up and not tear each other down.  The competition for being Mother of the Year isn’t healthy.


When my children were younger I loved having themed birthday parties for them every other year. Harrison had a scientist party one time, with rockets shooting off in our backyard.  Sydney had a western party.  I remember the neighbors looking at me like I was crazy when the pony pulled up in the trailer. Planning their parties was therapy for me. I wasn’t competing with other families.  I just wanted to have people over because that was easier for us.

I love competition and I think that it is a part of life but some of us have gotten out of hand.  I love competing against myself, not others.  If it’s the NCAA March Madness bracket that is another thing. In today’s society we are competing to be better than the mom next door.  To have the best this, or that.  I know how to stay in my lane.  I know what I can do and I won’t go broke trying to keep up with the Jones Family.

I’ve always said everything that glitters isn’t gold.  Focus on keeping your own house in order instead of competing with your neighbors. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Women, we need to stop being so judgemental to our sisters.  This isn’t high school.  If you only knew what some women go through to put that fake smile on their face and go out in public.  Just maybe you would keep your harsh comments to yourself. As mothers, wives and working women we all have times when we are overwhelmed and hanging on by a thin thread.  If you can’t admit that, then that is your first problem.

It is healthy to share how you parent or your views but it is not fair to put another mother down for how she is raising her family. If you are a mom not in the “in crowd” don’t worry. Don’t try and be something that you are not. Stay true to yourself and to your kids. They will love you for it. God will send you a network of friends that will love and embrace you and your family for who they are.  I am a living witness to that.

If you are a working mom like me, continue to give your best effort each day.  But remember to give that same effort to your family and to yourself.  Women we are strong and we want the best for our children.  Never let another woman tear you down. And if she does pray for her because she needs it.

I’m a Bad Mama Jama!(I know you are singing that song now.)


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