I Wonder….



Does time really heal all wounds?

Haven’t we all made a racist comment at some point in our lives?

Can men and women really be “just” friends?

Isn’t texting  cheating?

Did I truly give it my best effort today?

When will my breakthrough come?

Are you a  better Christian than me because you go to church every Sunday?

Do we really practice what we preach?

Are we truly accepting of people with special needs?

Is closure real or can we just move on with life?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Can you find another soulmate after divorce?

Will my children be okay?

Why me? Why not me?

Did I make the right decision?

As I wrote in my journal this morning I began to write down probably over 100 questions.   I reflected on things that people talked with me about and questions that I wonder about. 

No matter what your situation is, try to focus on the positive and keep moving forward.  There’s nothing behind you that should still consume you.

Happy Friday!





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