How Many People Does It Take To Screw in a Light Bulb?

imageApparently it takes a village. Yesterday I was so excited that my friend Tina and her daughter Hailey were coming over. Hailey is Sydney’s best friend and she was going to help her pack for Disney.

Tina and I were going to change light bulbs. I know, that’s really exciting. Tina is taller than me but my step stool was not helping either one of us. I didn’t realize that my ceilings were so high until it was time to change the light bulb.

Tina changed the light bulbs in Harrison’s room and we were on our way. Until Harrison yelled. “My tv doesn’t work.”. “Did you blow a fuse? Oops! So Tina and I head to the basement and I admit I needed to locate the circuit breaker box. We were able to figure that out and Harrison was set. We still had two more lights that needed bulbs and there was no way we could reach them. I need to go to Lowes today and catch a Black Friday sale and buy a ladder.

Next,  I called my friend/neighbor Katie and she came over with a ladder and manpower!  They were so helpful and laughed as we explained about the fuse. And the fact that it took four people to change a light bulb.

I know it doesn’t seem like a difficult task. But believe me the struggle is real. I offered them money for helping and they wouldn’t take a thing. So I ran out to their car and put money on her seat.  Which I later found out, that she put the money back on my front porch! I donated the money to Tina’s daughter for her mission trip.

Many lessons were learned.  I know where the circuit breaker is.  Don’t let your pride get in the way. Accept help from others if they offer.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  Always pay it forward.

Let there be light and we had light!




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