All Hands On Deck



Last Saturday, I was feeling terrible.  I lost my voice and my allergies were really bothering me.  I knew that I needed to get an oil change and the tire pressure light was on in my car.  So I called Valvoline. I needed to know what time they closed, what would be the best time to come, so I could prep Syd.

The lady was very nice she explained it was hit or miss and told me not to come now it was packed.  So I decided to go around 2:00.  Middletown just opened a new Aldi market so I thought everyone would be there for sure.

First I made sure to have lunch before we left and we headed out.  I know some of you are thinking why the big deal just get in the car and get the oil change.  But living with autism requires a little extra prep sometimes.

We were all happy until we pulled up and the lines were long. But I said “Jesus take the wheel.”  There were 8 cars ahead of us.  One of the workers came out and told me it would be about a 20 minute wait.  He did my routine light check.  I’m glad I went. The third brake light was out.  Harrison and Sydney were fine. Syd and I talked about Disney and Harrison was listening to music.

I think I was getting anxious, so I started to journal with a red crayola marker on the back of a flyer.  Syd asked me “Are we done?”  I told her not yet.  My family was at the movies so I sent them a text to be proactive.  I told them to text me when they were done just in case I needed them to come and pick up Sydney.

When it was finally our turn, she was still doing well.  But I asked the gentlemen if he could get all hands on deck. I saw workers just standing in the corner and I asked if they could help a sister out here.  I felt like Danica Patrick in the pit.  Someone was putting air in the tires, another worker was changing the oil, another worker was asking me questions and two workers were changing the brake light.

That really cut our time in half.  We made it out without any problems.  We actually weren’t the loudest ones in the place for a change.  It is the small victories and outings like this we weren’t able to do five years ago. I am thankful for each day that I see progress with autism. Just yesterday they went with me to urgent care.  This was a test to see how Sydney would handle waiting.  She passed with flying colors. A true sign of her maturity.  I am not saying that we will never experience a meltdown again.  With her increase in expressive language she is able to recover and communicate with others.

Spreading autism awareness, one day at a time.


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