Disney Diaries



The upcoming blogs will focus on our Disney vacation and how we survived and had an autism friendly vacation.

The shuttle picked us up and the true test would be if my luggage would meet the weight requirement. I had $75 ready just in case it weighed over 50 pounds. I was safe it weighed 48.5 pounds.

Things were going well until the TSA officer said she needed to “pat down” Sydney. Harrison’s response was “Are you sure you are ready for this? I informed the nice lady that my daughter was 12 and she couldn’t be “patted down”. She then told me that “She’s not 12 years old.” I asked her if she gave birth to her?  Then I politely asked for a TSA supervisor and explained our situation. He was very nice and gave me his card so that I could prevent this from happening on our return flight.

All they did was test her fingers and we were on our way. We were all able to pre-board and secure our seats. Sydney did a great job on the plane. Harrison talked Ms. Bridge to death. He was excited about the cockpit visit, which he is still talking about.

Sydney loved the roller coasters.  This was on our flight home.

The flight attendants on this flight were amazing. There was a group of disabled adults that were traveling on our flight also. So everyone was very nice.

The flight attendant gave us bags of snacks to take with us when we left. We grabbed our luggage, the rental car and we headed over to The Dream Village.

When we arrived we were greeted with such love and kindness. There were girls to meet Syd and deliver presents for Harrison and Sydney. Syd had a chance to interact with the therapy dog Clark. She was only interested in petting his tail! Then they showed us our cottage.

Everything was so magical and it felt like home. Our first day was calm and laid back. Day 2 would be all day at Magic Kingdom and staying after park hours for the Mickey Christmas Parade. I’m thankful for Rachel and Michele. Navigating through the airport would have been difficult by myself. Tomorrow’s blog is It’s Raining Mickey Ears!

Can you believe we were sleeping?

~Glad to be back blogging!


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