50 Shades of Vera Bradley


This time I really don’t think that I over packed for the trip.  To be honest with you I am not even sure what I have in my bag.  I do know my sandals are in there because, it is Florida. I have to wear my sandals.

When we traveled when we were younger. I always remember that we had matching luggage.  I must have left most of my luggage in Michigan.  The kids have their luggage sets.  Me on the other hand I look like I am carrying 50 Shades of Vera Bradley.

I remember buying some of my first Vera Bradley pieces during my divorce.  That was my impulse buying. I had lanyards, a back pack, laptop cover, wristlets, crossover bags, luggage and lunchboxes.  Keep in mind it was all on clearance because that’s how I roll.

Now a sane person would have bought things in a similar patterns, no not me.  It was like my closet puked paisley.  As I prepared for my trip I lined my bags at the door and I couldn’t help but laugh.  I just kept thinking that someone will take a picture of me and turn it into a meme.

I’ll have you know that I proudly walked with my 50 Shades of Vera Bradley in The Philadelphia Airport and I rocked it!

Some people have plastic surgery during a divorce. I bought Vera Bradley bags! What do you buy for retail therapy? Don’t feel bad we all have something.


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