You’ve Got The Look


I know you like my hair clip that Syd gave me for the parade.


Magic Kingdom was beautiful.  The Christmas music and decorations really made our souls happy.  The joy on their faces made me cry throughout the trip. This was the perfect time of year for us to visit Disney.


I encourage special need families  traveling to Disney to get the Disability Pass. I was ready with my physician note but I didn’t need to show it. This would allow us to visit an attraction and they would give us a return time. Everything  was linked to Sydney’s magic band. I wasn’t quite sure how this would work but I prayed. I didn’t rent a wheelchair for Sydney at first. I wanted her to be able to explore for at least a few hours.  I knew that between the heat and the epilepsy we would need a wheelchair eventually.

We had our fast pass schedule, so the key was keeping busy in between those times. Sydney was doing great but we had to keep moving. She was so excited and I had to force her to drink water.  Harrison was taking pictures of everything and having a blast. He knew  the first day would be meeting a lot of princesses, but from the pictures I don’t think it bothered him much.


The plan was to send Ms. Bridge or Rachel up to the cast member and find out a return time for the Disability Pass.  They would come back and tell me 30-40 minutes.  So then I would go up with my beautiful smile and “the look” and ask them for a return time and they would tell us to come now.  The first time it happened we laughed.  But it helped to keep us moving. We were trying to see as much as we could.


Sydney had her meet and greet with the princesses and we saw a few characters while walking and were able to get their autographs. She was in shock at first and then warmed up.  Her eyes teared up at one point and that is when I lost it.

The joke began that I had the look, not an angry black woman look.  Just a look. Don’t forget I know Jesus.  So they would send me up to get the return pass and I was just tell them that my entire party is here,  and that we would like to get on the ride now please.  And they would say yes every time. Won’t HE do it!


We didn’t do character meals and I am glad that we didn’t. I think it would have been too much for Sydney.  Exploring the park at our own pace was the best.  Great weather, low crowds and memories made.  Sometimes all you need is to ” get the look”.

Tomorrow’s Blog feature: Fairy Godmother, Where Are You?



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