Fairy Godmother, Where Are You?

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!  Sydney wanted the salon experience and I think deep down she wanted a princess gown too.  I was praying they didn’t have her size, because momma wasn’t paying $200 for the deluxe package.  While we were at Magic Kingdom she noticed girls wearing a sash and pink and purple hair clips.  So we went with the basic package: hair, make up, nail polish, a sash and a cute bag.  She was already dressed up so it would be perfect.

Disney Springs was very crowded, but it was Saturday.  The entire atmosphere was great with the dressing room, the fairy godmothers and photographers walking around in the boutique. It was magical.  Sydney enjoyed getting pampered and really got excited when it was time to take the pictures.  The day couldn’t have started out any better.

Ms. Bridge was shopping and Rachel and Harrison went to find a wheelchair.  Sydney and I rode on the merry-go-round and sat and talked and did some people watching.  The next events would change our day completely.

I noticed that Syd began to stare off and when I called her name she didn’t respond.  She was having a seizure and fell down. It didn’t last long but I knew that I had to get help and gather everyone together.  It took Sydney a few moments to respond to my voice and when she did she came out swinging.  She said “What just happened? Where’s my fairy godmother?”

Ms. Bridge, Rachel and Harrison found me and we put Sydney in the wheelchair so that we could leave.  We probably made it a few feet away and she had another seizure. The medics were called and I admit I was scared.  I didn’t notice the crowds around us but I could see people in orange shirts.  Ms. Bridge moved Harrison away.  Then a man stepped in and asked if he could help.  He helped us keep Syd safe. Now my sandals were off and we were all on the ground.

I believe in the power of prayer!

Next I saw more people forming a circle around Sydney and they began to pray for her.  They laid hands on her and prayed. I cried as I prayed for the seizure to stop.  I was ready to give her the rescue medicine when the medics arrived with a gurney.   The medics took over and Syd was overwhelmed.  They took her sugar, blood pressure and monitored her.  They didn’t want to transport her to the hospital in the ambulance because she wasn’t calm yet. One medic had to help me calm down so I could give her medical history.

Sleeping Beauty after a difficult day.

Our plans for the day shifted and we eventually made it back to The Dream Village.  Even in the happiest place on earth we had a scary experience. But Jesus took the wheel and we made it. But, I can never let my guard down.

Tomorrow’s Blog Topic: Christmas Elves or Magic Water



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