Soulful Sunday # 7



This past week my family and I had a dream of a lifetime vacation.  We did something that I never thought that we would be able to do.  When we came home to Delaware we were still on a magical high.  After being home for two days I had two major life events happen in our family.  These events were meant to break me, stop my spirit of praise and thanksgiving.  But I wouldn’t allow that to happen.

Do you ever ask God why me?  Enough is enough. I know the scripture He never gives you more than you can handle.  Right now I will never understand some of the challenges that we face in life but one day it will all make sense.



2016 brought some joyful moments, miracles and a few disappointments. 2016 made me step out of my comfort zone, blog from my heart and share it with all of you.  A Woman’s Work was my dream come true.  It has allowed me to help others and form a support system.

I’m not making a resolution list because it only lasts for one week.  There are so many things that I can check off my vision board from 2016.  Which means I will think big and add new things to my vision board.

The kids took pictures with Santa in Florida. Harrison, being the amazing kid he is went along with sitting next to Santa.  Sydney rattled off her list. When Santa asked Harrison what he wanted for Christmas he replied “This vacation is Christmas.  We are celebrating Christmas right now.”  I agree with him because we received the gift of love, kindness, friendship and time together.  You can’t put that in a box in my opinion.

What are you searching for in 2017? Love, a new home, a child,  a new job, peace, healing, reconciliation with family,  or a breakthrough for your child? Embrace 2017 to appreciate each day, and set short goals.  Instead of saying I want to loose 20 pounds.  Say I will begin to exercise three times and week and go from there.

I’ve claimed 2017 as my year.  Nothing will stop me from my blessing.  Remember there will always be haters that don’t want to see your succeed.  Let them motivate you to stay the course and fight the good fight.

Watch out 2017! Get ready for Brooke. I have new attitude and a new purpose.



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