The New F Word

Watch out now! I’ve got my magic water.

I couldn’t help but observe parents fighting, kids screaming and the faces of stress everywhere at the happiest place on earth. So I figured, I’ve got this I feel right at home at Disney.

The New F word.  Don’t say Feliz Navidad around Sydney.  She loves the song. She overheard it while we were in one of the shops. I think she wanted me to find it on iTunes and I guess I didn’t have the right version. Or she wanted the lyrics to match up with the music from the speakers.  Who knows?  Her autism brain was having a time processing the new F word. For the last two days of the trip we couldn’t say Feliz Navidad. And if she said Feliz Navidad we all looked like we were doing the mannequin challenge, waiting for her first move.

The things I have done as an autism parent in public might surprise some of you.  I’ve danced and sang songs.  This time I made Magic Water. Now magic water was a combination of pixie dust and my version of Holy Water.  I felt like Fr. Ugolik during mass sprinkling the parishioners. Syd was having a hard time and I can’t recall exactly why.  But we had to dance it out to see Doc Mc Stuffins and then I sprayed her with Magic Water.  I told her that all of the Disney princesses have magic water. It worked maybe because she was too tired to question me. When I tried to use the Magic Water again, she gave me the look and said, “No magic water mommy.” I had to laugh because she’s getting older and wiser and my tricks don’t work on her anymore.


Don’t Wake The Baby– Syd loves babies.  When she has a meltdown her recovery time is getting better but her volume could use a little work.  She did great at all of the restaurants even the one that didn’t have steak.  But I still can’t believe I paid $66 for grilled cheese sandwiches and a caesar salad.  But that’s another blog.  To help Syd calm down and lower her voice we tell her “Don’t wake the baby, shh, the baby is sleeping.”  Her brain immediately starts to focus on finding a baby.  She never wants to wake a sleeping baby. On the trip I didn’t want Sydney to wake up at 3:00 am and disturb everyone.  One morning she woke up and was so excited.  I told her “shh don’t wake the baby”.  She looked around and realized their wasn’t a baby and pointed to my stomach.  Nothing like being fat shamed by your own child.

We took an autism friendly vacation to Disney World. It might not look like your family vacation but for us it was absolutely perfect. My kids are surrounded by so much love!

I think we are ready for a road trip now!




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