Do You Have The Christmas Blues?

imageI know the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus.  It is also a time to spend with family and to show others how much you love them.  Whether you exchange gifts or not. It is all about coming together during this time of year.

Christmas brings the blues for some people.  Christmas may be a reminder of a loved one that has passed away. Or the first time celebrating Christmas after a divorce or the death of a child.  There are many people who are hurting this Christmas. Many are hiding their emotions from everyone.

Do your part and check on a friend that might be feeling lonely. Invite a friend to dinner that doesn’t have family around.  These simple gestures can change a person’s perspective.  The first Christmas after my divorce was hard.  We were living with my parents and I was trying to make sure the kids enjoyed the holiday.  I admit it was a difficult day for us all.

The Christmas blues hit me last year.  I really had to budget and felt bad that I wasn’t able to buy gifts for everyone.  All of the teachers, bus drivers, therapists oh yeah for my own family too.  I think we get stressed out about how many gifts we need to buy and will it be enough, and what to put in the stockings. I felt like a bad mother because the tree was not overflowing with gifts.  But we were surrounded by love.

My world!

I refuse to let the Christmas blues get me this year.  My kids each picked three things.  Harrison said he will just take money and a new set of headphones for the PS4.  Sydney  has a list a mile long. Trying to explain to a child with autism that you can’t keep changing the list isn’t working out that well.   She did ask for a lute! Don’t even ask.

This year we will give back to so many people who gave to us in 2016.  When Preston’s March for Energy and Rodan Fields, presented Sydney with an adaptive bike, that was Christmas.  When The Sunshine Foundation granted Sydney’s wish with our trip to Disney World. That was definitely our Christmas. I forgot to mention that she didn’t eat Jimmy Dean Sausages the entire time we were on vacation!  So I don’t feel the stress this year.

I have my best gifts ever Harrison and Sydney.  The best I can give them is my love and advocate for them.  Don’t get depressed or down this Christmas season.  Don’t overspend because bills are still due in January.  Create new traditions, go ice skating,  or try a new recipe.  No negativity! Christmas in our house happens everyday.

Remember I am always up so reach out to me if you need to! If you are coming to visit me during the holiday, don’t forget the wine!





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