Think Big!


Soulful Sunday is all about you this week.  This is to encourage you to think outside of the box and prepare your vision for 2017.  New year, new you!

It doesn’t matter how you pray.  Use your daily devotional, read a scripture each day or just have a little talk with Jesus.  Pray about all of your worries and concerns and let them go.

Hope and Faith go hand in hand in my opinion.  You have to hope for things that you don’t see and have faith that your prayers and desires will be answered.  Keep in mind that God’s timing is always perfect.

Expecting big is my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong I am thankful for small things.  Five hours of uninterrupted sleep is a big thing for me.  But I have learned that the sky is the limit for my family.  We are going to touch lives, spread love and awareness. God has a plan for us.  In time He will reveal all the details.

Believe that good people still exist.  Believe for the breakthrough that your family needs. Don’t stop enjoying life and living each day waiting.  Waiting on a spouse, waiting on someone to apologize, and waiting for your miracle.  It’s coming but you have to keep living.

This is my shortest blog ever! Now go “get your mind right” and face whatever the world has for you and only you.

Happy Sunday


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