Corkscrew Disaster


I had three accomplices with me on this mission. I will not reveal their names to protect their privacy. Also, I will not include many images in this blog. So I need you to visualize the story as you are reading it. I think you will enjoy it more this way.

I love seeing  life hacks and wondered if they really would work. I was with three friends and we were all set to enjoy a girls night in and some wine.  To set the stage I have had some pretty bad luck with corkscrews.  The picture above shows my MacGyver skills when I broke my corkscrew during the Blizzard of 2016.  I still keep it in the drawer and look at it when I need a good laugh.  Don’t worry I’m not still using that corkscrew, I bought a new one.

Now back to the story. Picture four women ready to enjoy some girl talk, music, snacks and wine.  When we realize that we don’t have a corkscrew.  We immediately grab our smart phones and search google.

Our first hack was putting the bottle in a shoe and banging it against the wall.  This was hilarious because the cork wouldn’t budge.  I really think we needed a different shoe or we weren’t strong enough.

We kept reading other hacks to open the bottle.  I am not sure what was funnier, watching the YouTube videos or the fact that we were actually doing this.  After about a thirty minutes and a shaken bottle of wine.  We gave up.

But me being the wine sommelier that I am was not going to be defeated.  Our last hack was to put a sharp knife in the cork and twist the bottle in the opposite direction.  I grabbed the knife thinking what story I would tell the ER nurse if I was injured.

My sidekicks as I will call them told me I had to use force when I inserted the knife in the cork.  I think I used my Sydney strength and thought, this was the last mommy time I would have in quite a while.  This bottle will open.  And it did.  We laughed, we drank. I had a moment to enjoy comical relief with three of my dearest friends.

The second bottle of wine was a screw top!

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