Sydney Can Hear You


One of the misconceptions that some people have is that they think that Sydney can’t hear.  Yes, she has autism and epilepsy but she is not deaf.  We had her hearing tested twice and she passed with flying colors both times.

Even when Sydney was nonverbal I always treated her as if she understood what I was saying.  When her language began to develop. I was very cautious about how people talked “about her” and “at her”.  It still amazes me when people speak in such a loud voice when they address her.   Bless their hearts.

Sydney is very aware of her surroundings. Not only can she hear but she understands what others say about her.  I do my best to remind people of this.  Sydney will repeat things she hears throughout the day. Some of it brings me joy.  Some of the things make me cry.  Her latest obsession is recording conversations on her Ipad, just a FYI.


Last night I cried standing at her doorway.  I cried for those that will never look beyond  autism. I cried for those that will exclude her. I cried for those that have given up on her at 12 years old.

At our family Christmas party Sydney participated more and Harrison didn’t shadow her.  When she heard a song she knew, she started to sing along.  When someone spoke to her she responded.  Sydney can hear.  You dont’ have to speak loudly or use sign language just talk with her like you would do to any other child.


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