O Happy Day


This Christmas we experienced a few miracles.  Harrison actually was awake before Sydney at 5:00 am.  I told him to eat a candy cane,  open one present and go back to bed.  He just laughed at me.  That lasted for about thirty minutes and then Sydney was awake. I think she forgot it was Christmas because she didn’t ask to go downstairs to look for presents. The kids opened their gifts at 6:00 am.  Christmas miracle number one.

Normally it is a mad dash and Sydney would open a gift and toss it and open the next one.  Harrison asked who should go first. Sydney said “You go Harrison.”  Miracle number two. We sat together and Harrison would open a gift and then Sydney opened her gift.  I think I was in such shock I couldn’t take many pictures.

It was great seeing the joy on their faces.  We even looked at all of our pictures from Disney on our Memory Maker disc.  This was a reminder to them that we already had Christmas.  They each received four gifts and they were truly appreciative of their gifts.  Well, Sydney is still looking for her lute, that hopefully will come sooner than January 10th. Let’s hope she loves the pink plastic lute for $19.99 not the wooden lute she picked on Amazon for $350.00!

Harrison and Sydney had a chance to see their dad on Christmas morning and he brought them gifts that they weren’t expecting.   I am happy that they were able to have that experience with their father. Another miracle.

I cried many tears Christmas Eve and on Christmas.  They weren’t tears of sadness or depression.  They were tears of joy.  I realized how far God had brought us from in one year.  I cried at the joy of my children because they were surrounded by love and love can’t be wrapped in a gift under a tree.

Always expect a miracle.



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