My Boots Were Made For Walking


Before you tell me that sheep had to die for my UGG boots.  I should also tell you that a cow died for my steak that I had for dinner last night. Now that I have that out of the way.  I want to share my experience with my UGG boots.

If you are blog follower of mine you may recall 50 Shades of Vera Bradley.  That was my coping strategy after my  divorce was finalized.  Well when I found out that my marriage had been violated I responded the best way I knew how. I went shoe shopping at Somerset.

I made it to Macy’s and the nicest salesman asked me what I needed.  I told him I needed boots that were warm enough for outdoor recess duty.  Then I told him bring me different styles of boots in size 8 on clearance.  He did just that.

I tried on the UGG boots and had no clue what brand I was buying.  I just thought they were warm.  It wasn’t until Janeia, our babysitter at the time said “Ms. Brooke I like your Uggs.” I still didn’t know what she was talking about.  That day I must have bought a dozen pair of boots and shoes.

I proudly put my bags of shoes in the car and drove home.  When I returned home I didn’t hide my packages.  I marched right in the house with my bags like I was really doing something.  Buying the shoes made me feel good for about an hour.  Until I looked at my bill and had to tell myself to snap out of it.  My marriage was still broken even if I had great new boots.

The next day after I came to my senses. I returned the shoes to Macy’s.  And of course the same man was working. I told him I was sorry about the commission but I was a woman scorned who needed retail therapy.  He told me to hang in there but keep the UGGS.

So I did. I love my 12 year old UGGS.  They are comfy and are my go to item to wear.  What is your favorite thing to wear?  Is it your comfy pajamas, a sweatshirt, or a t-shirt from college? We all have that one thing that we love to wear.  That is special to us for a reason. For me it’s my 12 year old UGGS. I knew the direction of my life was taking a different path and my UGGS would keep me warm.   I think I did get my money’s worth.

If you fall victim to impulse shopping like me, don’t be embarrassed to return your purchases once you clear your head.

It’s not like I bought a Mercedes.




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