New Year , New You


When the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, I’m leaving a lot of things behind in 2016. And some people too.  I can’t take the same baggage that was weighing me down and stressing me out into 2017. Bye Felecia!

One thing I realized was that some things didn’t work out for me in 2016.  No matter how hard I prayed it just didn’t happen. Because that door was supposed to stay closed. There’s something better behind door number three for me.

I am taking on 2017 like a boss! I’m the CEO, the coach, the game changer. I am a force to be reckoned with. Now please don’t take my confidence as being bitchy or conceited. This is my way to motivate myself.


I am taking control of my destiny. I am in charge of my happiness. This year I will take chances, step out of my comfort zone and make my presence known. My voice won’t be silenced. My writing will reach more and teach more. My steps will be ordered. I’ll walk by faith.


Will it all happen in 2017? Possibly not but my head is in the game and I’m fighting for my life, my destiny and my family.

What are you fighting for in 2017?



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