We Are Reality TV

Halloween in December

What are your favorite reality tv shows?  Don’t say you don’t have one either. I won’t judge you.  People tell me all the time we could be a reality tv show, or a lifetime movie.  I am beginning to think that maybe they are right.

We have been on a journey and it has made us stronger.  Michele and Rachel had a look inside our lives on our five-day Disney trip.  I think they would agree that our show would make you laugh, cry and give people hope.

On a daily basis I try to write down all of the things that Harrison and Sydney say and do in a journal.  Just so that I don’t forget the details.  I try to capture it on video but sometimes I am laughing so much or joining in on the chaos that I get caught in the moment.

If you enter Copher’s Community you might see a runway show by Sydney. I was making dinner and she decided to put on all of her Halloween costumes over the years and model for me. She came down the stairs with a fancy princess dress and her mickey princess ears announcing that it was her wedding day for the finale.

Sydney and I were singing Little Drummer Boy, the Mary J Blige version.  Let’s just say that Sydney was determined to keep the song going.  Harrison called her Aretha Franklin.  Did you see Aretha’s version of The Star Spangled Banner that lasted six minutes?  Well, that was Sydney.

The protocol son,  AKA my ex-husband showed up last week.  That is a mini series all by itself.

When I think about us being a reality show. I think of the positives and the hope that we could share.  Single mom raising two children, one with special needs, and a full-time teacher.

I would be able to share my knowledge with others about autism, share with parents on how to advocate for their children at IEP meetings.  You would see us at various doctor appointments and therapy sessions, you may witness a seizure.  You would see how all of our lives are impacted within 24 hours.

You may witness a meltdown, all of us in Australia and the recovery.  We would love for you to see the communication between Harrison and Sydney because this never happened before.  You would see Sydney getting her clothes ready for the week or helping with laundry.  Harrison in his “man cave” and Syd and I spying on him.

Most importantly you may see us take time to pray and worship.  Me saying Jesus take the wheel could turn into a sermon in our home.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So if you are in the mood for reality, visit Copher’s Community.  We promise to entertain you.




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