Smart Water Review

My second graders can’t catch me drinking pop, only water!

When did buying bottled water become the new trend?  I remember we always drank water from the tap growing up.  And if it was a hot day outside, we took turns drinking from the water hose.  Don’t judge   At least now we are better at recycling the plastic water bottles.  But is bottled water really necessary?  And why are some brands so expensive?

In Magic Kingdom one of the workers helped us when Sydney needed assistance.  I can remember him giving us all bottles of water. Not any water but Smart Water.  I had always seen the ads for Smart Water and wondered what made it so special.

I am not sure if I was dehydrated but that was the smoothest tasting bottle of water that I have ever had in 44 years on this Earth.  Now don’t call us crazy, but Sydney called it “healing water”.  Maybe it “healed’ her through her meltdown, because she drank the entire bottle.

Have you tried Smart Water?  I did a taste test with Harrison. Both of my kids are great water drinkers. I could learn from them. I used Deer Park, Smart Water and White Mountain brands of water.  Harrison tasted each one and he said that he could taste the difference.  He did say that Smart water was the best.  When I asked him what was so different.  He said it was smooth and tasted great.  Harrison would like to send a case of Smart Water to Flint so the kids could taste it.  Love this kid.



Are we wasting money on bottled water?  Many of my students come to school with their own water bottles from home and refill them throughout the day.  Do you only drink bottled water?  I plan on being smarter in 2017 and drink more water daily. Now to treat myself to a nice new tervis cup.

Don’t forget to drink your 8 glasses of water today. Do you have a favorite brand of bottled water?



3 thoughts on “Smart Water Review

  1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter because I don’t drink water….I know, my kidneys tell me all the time – and each year I try to do better, but I just don’t like drinking water.


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