5 Ways To Support A Friend During A Divorce


Each person handles difficult situations differently.  Some people are private and will not seek any support.  Others want a shoulder to lean on but are embarrassed to reach out.

If you or someone who you love is going through a divorce I hope that these following tips will be helpful in the healing process.

  1. Remind your friend that you don’t have bail money.  This is key. You have to remind your friend not to do something stupid that could ruin their life.  No man is worth losing your freedom over.  Please don’t make a mistake that you will regret by acting out of anger.  A woman scorned is a dangerous thing.  But a calm woman scorned is scarier than hell. Think about that!
  2. Listen– Remember that you can be a great listening ear.  Don’t interrupt with your own comments.  Just let the person talk and share what they are feeling.  Perhaps they need help with finding an attorney or need you to watch the kids.  This will help tremendously.
  3. Keep an eye on their health/wellnessOf course there will be tears and sadness.  Your friend has to process the “death” of their marriage.  But if you notice signs of depression, weight loss or weight gain,  or increased drinking you have to intervene.
  4. Waiting to Exhale PartyGather all of the girls and have a slumber party. Dance it out, cry it out, pray it out and laugh it out.  Make sure she knows she is loved.
  5. Don’t PushLet your friend know that you are there for them.  But don’t force them to start dating before the ink is dry on the divorce papers. Encourage them to focus on  family and how to rebuild their new life.

I had to step out on faith and leave what was familiar to go somewhere that was foreign. I had to rebuild our lives. And by doing so we found favor and a new life.

I am Blessed and Highly Favored


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