New Year New Man


Don’t get too excited it is a new year but I don’t have new man, YET.  Being a blogger means you share your world with others. I want to make you laugh, cry, think, get motivated and soar to new heights. My purpose is to share my testimony and life with you.  Even if it is painful. Also, to show you that trouble doesn’t last always, late in the midnight hour God answers prayers and your storm is only temporary.

Thank you for answering the dating survey question.  Here are the results.



50% of you voted that I should try online dating. Now you know I have done Match on and off for about two years.  From Match, I dated someone briefly.  I made two great friends.  Max is in Connecticut and Brian is in Hawaii. So that is a bonus from being on Match.  The problem with online dating is that I am seeing the same men and their profiles.  Online dating has worked for some and their stories are amazing.  But how long do you stay on an online site? A year?  So, I don’t think I can do online dating again. It is too painful lol.

28% of you said to let love find me. I admit I like this idea.  In the meantime I will focus on myself and wait for love to find me.  Wait is the key word here.  I have to remind myself that I can’t wait in my house. Patience will also be a factor.  I have plenty of patience with my students and my children.  The struggle is being patient with things to happen in my life.  Another key to having love find me is being careful about my attitude and what I am attracting. I guess love will find me when I least expect it. Remember I am not trying to run to altar. I want to meet single people.

22% of you chose other. Here are  some of the comments and advice that you gave me.

  • Talk to friends of friends
  • Church group for singles
  • Meeting people out and about
  • Setups from friends
  • I know people who have had great success with online dating and one friend who hasn’t. Sometimes friends can set you up and that works out sometimes too. I think you should do what feels most comfortable for you.
  • Referral by a friend
  • Matched up by a mutual friend
  • Get out in the world and let your wonderful personality find love


Do you see a trend here?  I think I feel comfortable going out and meeting people.  I’ll start by attending events in Middletown and the surrounding areas.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking friends if they want to play matchmaker.  Here’s the big question.  Who wants to babysit my kids so I can go out?

~Looking for love in Delaware.





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