Do They Really Know You?


I saw you today and as much as I wanted to interrupt you I didn’t.  Today I would just watch you and try to see what you enjoyed, what annoyed you,  and if you would seek me out or would you want to be alone.

I watched you as you sang, said your grace and ate your breakfast.  You took all of your medication like a champ.  I watched you clean up your plate and throw your trash away.

You made sure that all of the blinds were open in the house.  Then you skipped happily upstairs. You are so independent at times, I feel bad that you don’t need me like before.  You picked out your clothes, and showered.  I heard you call my name. I knew you would need help with the toothpaste.

Next, I knew you would want me to comb your hair.  But I noticed that you went in my bathroom and grabbed the brush and began to brush your hair without me.  You looked at me and said, “Mom, I’ll be right back.”

When you returned to my room you had a few books. I watched you as you read the words and looked at the pictures.  I watched as you acted out the scenes from the story and Disney movies.  You are smiling, and you are happy.

All day I would watch you as you called for Harrison. Asked me to make your lunch.  I watched you type lists of things you want to do on your iPad. I watched you get your paint set out and work on your crafts. I smiled when you asked to talk with Auntie Petra when I was on the phone with her.

Everything that happened today was nine years in the making.  Nine years of therapy, trial and error, sleepless nights, my tears and meltdowns.  You continue to amaze me.  Your communication is improving, you are social and comfortable with visitors.  I still watch you like a hawk because elopement is common with children with autism.


The Sydney I watched today is not the Sydney I once knew.  I never gave up on you. I never doubted that you would improve.  Continue to inspire and prove people wrong.

I hear what they say about you.   But I know that God has the final say.

We love you Syd the Kid.


Your Village



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