The Day of Love



I thought that I would blog about Valentine’s Day before the St. Patrick Day and Easter decorations are out in stores. Am I too late?

Now before everyone starts bashing Valentine’s Day.  Let’s remember that Valentine’s Day is also my birthday.  This year I will be 45 years young. Do you remember the excitement of celebrating Valentine’s Day in school?  I loved going to the store to pick out my valentines.

That was back in the day when my mommy could bake cupcakes and bring them to school for my birthday celebration. I am sure you have memories of signing your valentines and deciding which valentine you would give each person.  Of course you had a special valentine for your teacher. My students love celebrating Valentine’s Day.  They decorate their boxes and bring in valentines.

I like to call Valentine’s Day the day of love. It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, or divorced.   Don’t dread Valentine’s Day. Think of all of the chocolate, diamonds and flower commercials and visions of happy people in love. What was I thinking?  Forget that,  you have my permission to dread Valentine’s Day.



The problem with having my birthday on Valentine’s Day is that I can never really celebrate with my friends.  So if I want to go out it won’t be on my actual birthday, because my friends will be their spouses or partners.   Don’t get me wrong I am not a hater.  On Valentine’s Day I will spend it with my two valentines and my wonderful family. I’ll ask them what they would like to do. And we will go from there.

It doesn’t matter how you plan to celebrate the day but don’t spend it sitting in a dark room depressed because you are single or alone.  It is the day of love. Love yourself! If you want flowers go buy a bouquet.  Spread love to others that may need some loving.

I plan on celebrating the entire month of February!

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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