Embrace Your Flaws


I love Winne Harlow.  Her spirit and smile is contagious.  I’m the kind of woman who can give another woman a compliment.  In my eyes she is beautiful inside and out.

Winnie Harlow has not let her skin condition, vitiligo stop her.  She is a model, activist and a role model to many.  Winne didn’t let the cruel treatment and bullies steal her joy when she was younger.  She was passionate about fashion, had a dream and now she is living it.

We all have flaws or scars.  Some are physical, visible for everyone to see.  Other flaws and scars are hidden and emotional.  I am not sure which scars are harder to live with.  I have two physical scars that I live with.  When I was younger I was asked about them all of the time. It made me self conscious to wear sleeveless tops.  After many visits to the dermatologist, I decided to embrace my physical scars.


imageWe also need to embrace our flaws.  Some flaws actually add to our beauty.  Being flawed doesn’t always mean there is a defect. Love your flaws and boost your self-esteem.  There are things that we can change but many are out of our control.  That is a part of life.

The emotional scars that are preventing you from enjoying life also need to be dealt with.  At some point in your life for your own happiness and for the happiness of the people around you.  You have to let that pain go.  Your scars may be physical or mental.  But don’t let them consume you or prevent you from living your life.

One day I finally let the emotional scars that I was living with go.  I wrote each one on a piece of paper.  Just admitting them and writing them down was helpful.  Next, I went on the deck and put them in my mini grill and I torched them!  I almost started a fire but that’s another blog.

It was something about seeing the paper turn to ashes,  that gave me a sense of peace.  Since that day I haven’t looked back and my life began to change.

Rock your runway!


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