No More Jimmy Dean!

Yes, this is her favorite dress.


Keep in mind we watched  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. clips, and parts of Selma over the weekend.  When I checked Sydney’s  comprehension(it’s a teacher thing). She told me Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a poppop and he talks fast.

There is a Jimmy Dean Boycott going on in Copher’s Community.  I made the mistake of buying her sausage in the same package, but a bigger package.  Well, that did it.  Syd would not eat the Jimmy Dean Sausage.  She said, “That’s not Jimmy.”

So she had her pop tarts for breakfast and seemed content.  I started thinking about the rolls of Jimmy Dean in my freezer.  I decided to give Jimmy Dean a try again on Tuesday.

Syd helped me get everything for breakfast.  She saw that I was using the small package and I began to cook breakfast.  She waited patiently for her sausage. When I gave her the sausage, she was very quiet.  She picked up the sausage, smelled it and put it down.

The Jimmy Dean Inspection


She started chanting “NO MORE JIMMY DEAN, NO MORE JIMMY DEAN”. I did my best not to laugh.  I searched for my phone to begin taping. But what happened next made me laugh so hard that I cried.  Syd starting singing “We Shall Overcome.”

I learned a lot from Sydney that day.  She is done with Jimmy Dean. So please send me recipes for the case of sausage I have in my freezer. Next, Sydney understood what Dr. King taught in the videos she watched.  Not only did she understand, she applied it to a real life application.  Isn’t this what we want our students to do?

The moral of the story is: If Sydney doesn’t demonstrate her comprehension immediately. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t know. She is waiting to share it with you in a meaningful situation that is important to her.

Many could learn from her nonviolent protest!


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