Untangle The Knots



The time has come for me to untangle the knots.  My little elves helped me with these lights and this is what they left me with.  As I started to untangle the knots, I lost my patience and had a hot flash.  I was holding five strings of lights that were all tangled together.  The problem was I didn’t know where to begin to untangle them.

Just like life, I just reacted and I made the situation worse. Next, I thought of each string of lights as a part of my life.  There were things that I wanted to leave tangled because I didn’t want to face them.  Then there were things I was ready to tackle. So, I grabbed the end of the strings and found a way to untangle one string of lights at a time.

Are there things in your life that have you all tangled up? Have you tried to untangle the knots?  Were you successful? Or were you like me? Diving into a situation without a plan.

No matter what situation you are dealing with today.  Face it head on with a plan. Yes, you will get frustrated.  It may take several times to get it right.  Remember that you have the power to untangle the knots in your life.

~Happy Friday

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