Stress In The Workplace Part 3


Let’s start with being a technology prisoner when it comes to your job.  How many of you have your work email on your cell phone?  I’m sure 50% of you do, me included.  There are times when checking my email is helpful.  There are times when it is a thorn in my side.  I feel like I have to stay connected.  I’m constantly reading and responding to emails.  Sometimes it is easier for me to respond to an email by calling the parent directly in the evening.  I get overwhelmed if I see a lot of unopened emails in my inbox.  Keeping up with your emails is what really matters. Find out what works best for you.

If you are stressed at work because of job dissatisfaction.  Then you need to dig a little deeper. Even if you love your job there may come a time when you feel dissatisfied.  Are you looking for ways to advance your knowledge in a particular area?  Do you see yourself serving in a different capacity in the company?  Do you have a vision for starting your own business or starting a new journey? You have the power to make that change.


When you walk into work what does your work environment feel like? Is it so tense that you feel it as soon as you walk in? Or is it your safe zone?  For me, I have to make work my safe zone. If staff morale is down in your company, brainstorm ways that “you” could do something to boost morale.  Your kind gesture will be a domino effect on your job. Sometimes all it takes is a smile and hello to do the trick.

For me I had to learn that stressing over the fact that the copy machine jammed was silly. Identify the stress in your workplace and find a solution to resolve it.  Stress can lead to so many health issues and you don’t want that.  Focus on what you love about your job. You are tougher than any situation that you may encounter.

Happy Monday!


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