Stress In The Workplace Part 2


Name a job without any stress?  Is there one?  We encounter stress in our lives.  The key is how to handle it and not let it overtake you.  I want to focus on the stress that we experience at work.  I’ve read your private messages and some of the examples of stress.   DISCLAIMER: I am writing about 29 years of work experience. Keep that in mind while reading.  I’ve decided to make this a 3 part blog because I was feeling stressed.

Top Six Stress Factors in The Workplace

  • Juggling Work/Family Life
  • Lack of job security/Income
  • Poor communication/lack of support
  • Productivity/performance
  • Being a technology prisoner
  • Job dissatisfaction/low morale

First,  juggling work and family life.  This is a major stress for many.  As a teacher there is always something for us to do to prepare for the next units.  There are moments when I feel I am caught up.  Then I find a sticky note that has three other things I still need to do.  If I stay at work until 9pm and return at 7am.  I would still be behind.  I am better at prioritizing my responsibilities and my time management skills have improved. My family comes first.

Next, many people worry about lack of job security and income.  Being a single parent I try not to let these two factors cause me stress. If I lose my job, that means that God has something else planned for me. Don’t let the rumors about job security add stress to your life. Also, learn to budget.  The more money you make the more you spend.

Stress in the workplace comes from poor communication and lack of support.  Some people are not great at communicating.  Some don’t feel comfortable addressing people when they have an issue.  We should feel comfortable to communicate our opinions and not feel like an outcast. Find one person at work that you can talk to.

If you need help, put your pride aside and ask for help.  If you need support in an area reach out to your manager. Together you can create a plan and self reflect on ways to take away the stress and you’ll feel successful at work. We all have areas that we can improve on.

Suggestions To Manage Work Stress

  • Get to work early/have a to-do-list
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships
  • Be prepared for work/meetings
  • Stay focused
  • Learn to say no
  • Listen to music/pray/walk/get some fresh air
  • Keep your work area clean/organized

~Happy stress free Sunday!


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