Friends At First Sight


Everyone knows that I love to meet new people. I don’t have a problem going to an event alone.  I will either people watch or meet a new friend.  People laugh at me because complete strangers will stop and talk with me.  In ten minutes I know their entire life story. 

When I went to Marshalls last week. I was only gone for two hours including my travel time.  My goal was to find something red to wear for Valentine’s Day.  It didn’t feel right shopping for myself.

I made my way to the clearance rack, of course and began my speed shopping.  Two women were talking as I scanned the racks.  One of the ladies asked me a question about raising kids.  I answered politely and kept shopping.  The next thing I know they started talking to me about their marriages, kids, work , school,  and the dishwasher,  you name it. We chatted a bit more and they asked me to meet them again in a month at Marshalls. Later that night they found me on Facebook.

One night I stopped for drinks with friends from work for happy hour.  When I arrived they were having a great time.  We were seated next to a nice older couple. They would look at us because our group was loud.  So, I laughed and looked at the couple and apologized for the noise level.  Next, the couple invited me to come and join them at their table. 

And that is exactly what I did.  I met two of the nicest people that night. They shared their story with me and I gave them the abbreviated version of my story . They happen to live in my development but in the 55 and older homes.  That side of the community is getting a very nice pool.  They invited me to come over and swim, aka put my feet in the water this summer. 

She shared with me the difficulty that her grandson was having at school.  I was able to email her some notes that would help her daughter work with the school to find ways to educate her grandson.  She told me that God had our paths cross for a reason. It was that night that I decided to step out on faith and use my knowledge to advocate for other special needs families. 

Since then I have worked with two families. I reviewed their child’s IEP and provided them with feedback and talking points for them to bring to their meeting.  Working with these two families made me feel like I was using my talents to give back and pay it forward. I trust God to continue to place people in my path that I am supposed to help.

~Advocating for autism. One child at a time.

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