And The Doorbell Rang


On December 5th we returned from Disney.   On December 7th Aunt Flo came to visit for the first time.  Just when I thought things were back to normal. The doorbell rang on December 8th at approximately 7:20 pm.

When the doorbell rang, I wasn’t expecting to see my ex-husband when I opened the door.  Sweet baby Jesus.  The kids were shocked and excited to see their dad.  I was happy for them.

They had a chance to see their dad on Christmas and over winter break.  I think it was awkward for all of us.  The kids weren’t quite sure what to expect. Their dad’s plan is to move closer to Delaware.

I want my children to have a relationship with their father.  But I will not beg him.  Harrison and Sydney have grown so much in the past four years.  They have made amazing progress and achieved more than I could have dreamed of. They know that they can reach out to their father at anytime.

I am not sure what their dad was thinking, showing up on my porch unannounced.   I had to remind him that there was no room at the inn.   But I could tell by the look in his eyes that he realized it was “cheaper to keep her.” I am sure that he was expecting to see the same broken woman that he divorced years ago.  To his surprise that girl was gone!  I never knew that I could be strong and handle things until that was my only option.   

Co-parenting means that you have to be able to communicate well.   Consistency is also key, especially for a child with special needs.  My first priority is my children.  I don’t have time to play games.  Plus, I have home court advantage now.

I need to encourage all of my ladies and MEN  today that are faced with a troubled marriage or experiencing a divorce.  You will look back on these days and wonder how you made it.  Just remember you were the diamond that they let go to play with stones. 



Not an angry black woman anymore!(unless I don’t get enough sleep)



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