IEP Success Story

Signing her name in cursive on her IEP.


They told me when she was younger she would live in a group home when she was older.  They told me she would never speak or read.  They said she wouldn’t be included with her general education peers.  They told me that her seizures were life threatening. 

I listened and I smiled.  I reminded myself that I serve a God of miracles.  A God that parted the Red Sea, a God that healed my womb so I could conceive.  I serve a God that will be with me every step of the way on a journey that I never intended to pursue. 

I made a decision in the chapel at the hospital when Sydney was hospitalized that changed my life.  I prayed for God’s will to be done for Sydney, autism and epilepsy.  I would work with her and surround her with love. I wouldn’t let her stay in her world.  We brought her into our world.

Middle school for a typical child is difficult.  Middle school for a child with disabilities can be heartbreaking.  Maybe more for the parent than the child.  I have always been an advocate for both of my children.  And I don’t plan on stopping that anytime soon.

Sydney’s re-evaluation IEP was yesterday.  It was to determine if she was still eligible for special education services.  Of course she qualified. It was good to hear from her teachers and therapists about the progress that she made. 

God gave me the words to speak on behalf of Sydney.  I spoke from the heart and tears fell from my eyes.  Every stumbling block,  and hurdle, taught me to keep pressing forward and advocating.  Sydney can learn,  be included, and will be valued and accepted. 

If I had listened to what teachers and doctors told me about Sydney when she was younger, she wouldn’t be Syd the Kid that we all know and love.

How will you embrace autism and families living with special needs?


An Autism Mother Warrior

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