Mommy, I’m Stuck!

Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind I can’t make this stuff up.  These events happened in real time. Today, February 25, 2017 from 3:00-4:00 am.(insert music from 24)  Don’t try this at home!

“Mommy,  I need help.  I’m stuck. We need a shortcut.  Where are the scissors?  Can you fix my hair? Mommy, I am in my Foxy Tent.  Mommy, can you hear me?”

At first I thought that I was dreaming.  But then I realized that Sydney was talking to me.  I listened from the comfort of my bed.  I loved hearing all of the complete sentences that she was speaking.  I thought she was doing one of her dramatic play scenes.  So, I didn’t get out of bed right away. 

After a few minutes, I realized something is not right.  She should be in my bathroom by now making her breakfast.(read yesterday’s blog if you are confused) I dragged myself out of bed and went to her room.  When I turned on the light I tried not laugh.  There was Sydney with her hair caught in the zipper of the Foxy Tent.  She was trapped. 

I moved in closer to assess the situation.  My first thought was, I have to call someone because no one will believe this.  Meanwhile Syd is laughing and I snapped a few pictures.  I laid down next to her and I tried to untangle her hair from the zipper. I didn’t even ask her how this happened.  I asked her if she needed to use the bathroom and she replied no.  She I told her let’s wait for help to bring us scissors.  My prayer was that she would go back to sleep and I would get inside the Foxy Tent and we would camp out for at least another hour. 

A sister had to try!  Next, she starting calling ” Harrison bring scissors, call 911 this is an emergency.  Jesus take the wheel! Help me Jesus! Help me Jesus!”  Earlier I taught Sydney that if she was ever in danger or needed help to call on Jesus and that is just what she did. 

So, it was Dr. Copher to the rescue.  I found my scissors and I was going in.  I needed to make a small snip and she would be free.  First, I had to splash water on my face and wake up.  I didn’t want to cut off her ponytail by accident.  The blessing here was that she didn’t use echolalia during our conversation.  When I asked her if she was okay, she responded yes. She was speaking in complete sentences and her expressive language was perfect and on topic!  She jumped up and said “It’s time for breakfast!”  And that is how we started our Saturday morning. 

Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of Copher’s Community………



This is how we do it at 3:30 am on a Saturday morning.

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