Yes, That’s A Toaster In My Bathroom



If you have been following A Woman’s Work you know that Sydney doesn’t need much sleep.  She is up everyday at 3:00 am.  And no, she doesn’t go back to bed.  Which means I am up every morning at 3:00 am. 

When she wakes up now.  She comes to my room and usually asks for breakfast. I tell her that it is not time for breakfast yet.  She checks the clock and says, “It’s time for breakfast.” Some mornings, I can get her to snuggle with me or she will turn on the tv and watch Disney.  I can’t go back to sleep because I don’t trust her around the house.

One morning, she went downstairs without me. I could hear plates rattling and the pantry door opening.  I bolted down the steps to watch her put her pop tarts in the toaster and make her breakfast.  Then she grabbed strawberries from the fridge, rinsed them off and put them on a plate. Also, she poured her juice, without spills. 

Next, she sat down with her breakfast, said her grace and ate.  She picked up her medicine container but didn’t open it.  She knows I give her the medicine, so I am glad that she didn’t get her medicine on her own.  This experience taught me that she can handle making her breakfast.  I’m so glad she doesn’t like Jimmy Dean Sausages anymore.  The thought of her attempting to use the stove frightens me. 

After she had her breakfast, she came back upstairs happy as a lark.  My friend Katie said I should put the toaster in my bathroom. I think she was kidding.  But I was thinking that is the perfect idea. I know! Ghetto fabulous, but I need sleep.

So the next evening I brought the toaster upstairs, a package of pop tarts and strawberries in a thermos along with her juice.  Sure enough she was up at 3:00 am and wanted breakfast.  I told her she could have breakfast in bed.  But she had to fix it.  She went in the bathroom and made her breakfast. I left her a nice platter and a flower for a special touch. 

As I watched her make her breakfast from my bed with one eye still closed.  I pretended we were on vacation and using the mini kitchen in our hotel room. Makes sense right?  She actually had a picnic breakfast next to my bed. When she was done she had her medicine.  She then watched tv in bed with me.  I was able to sleep for 45 more minutes before the alarm went off. 

So we will keep the toaster in the bathroom and the picnic breakfast at 3:30 am.  Until this gets old and another trend starts.

Want to join us for breakfast? 


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