One Last Cry

Two hours at urgent care put me in a crying spell.

Have you ever had those days when you cry for no reason at all?  What brings on your tears? A song or a memory from the past?  Or is it when  you think about a loved one, a relationship, your children or a joyful event?

I think that there are times when you need to have a good cry. Crying can release so much and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to move on.  I find myself crying happy tears often.  I cry happy tears when I think about all of the blessings that we have received. I cry happy tears when I think about Harrison and Sydney and their progress. 

Last week, I had one last cry.  Man was it an ugly cry.  It was that cry that came out of nowhere, unexpected and not at the right time.  I can’t even remember the question that someone asked me. It wasn’t personal at all.  All I remember is that I started crying like a new-born baby.  I was sleepy, sick and all I could do was cry. The person was so uncomfortable.  They didn’t know if they should console me or call 911.

It wasn’t like when I cried about Sydney’s autism diagnosis. It wasn’t the cry that I experienced when Rob moved out and I filed for divorce.  This cry was different.  This cry let go of all of the pain of the past, every word that I didn’t get a chance to speak, and for every wrong that was done against me.  I cried to wash away all of the negativity lingering around me.  I needed to cleanse my soul and crying helped me.




Don’t be afraid to cry. We go through life holding on to so many things that we need to release.  The first step in releasing them is to cry and let it go.  After my good cry. I felt so much better and lighter.  Like a load had been lifted off of my chest.  I didn’t want to cry because I thought others would view me as weak. Life has taught me that I cry when I speak about things that I am passionate about.   I cry when I speak about my children, my testimony, my journey and the wonderful people who God has placed in my life.   Crying is necessary for us to heal. 

Don’t forget the Kleenex. When was the last time you really cried?


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