The “N Word” and The “R Word”


Today is Spread The Word To End The Word.  For those that didn’t know, this is the day that we sign the pledge to not use the word retarded.  Instead we choose to spread awareness, respect and acceptance.

The R word hurts. It is offensive and derogatory. People with disabilities should be treated with dignity, not looked at as less. There are so many words that you can use instead of the “r” word.


Recently I was having a conversation with someone and he used the “r word”.  I asked him if he knew that was very offensive and he had no clue. The context of how he used the word didn’t matter to me. He shouldn’t have used the word at all. No love connection there. Students in schools now are more aware of this campaign and are great ambassadors of embracing differences.

At our family meeting last night, I gave Harrison and Sydney their shirts to wear tomorrow for the Spread The Word To End The Word Assembly.  Harrison was interviewed by his teachers and will be a part of the assembly at his school today.  I am very proud of him.

The “N word” was brought up next.  I don’t think that I ever heard or asked my parents about “the n word” until I was maybe in high school. I explained to him the origin of the word. Harrison, of course had many questions.  He asked what he should do if someone calls him that.  I told him to ignore them, because he knows that word doesn’t define him.  Also, I reminded him to call on Jesus and remain silent.  Being silent speaks volumes.

He asked me how I responded when someone called me “the n” word for the first time. I told him I walked away, cried and told my mommy.  We had a good discussion about if there is a difference between nigger and nigga? He said he knows nigga is in rap songs and nigger was said in the movie Roots.  God, I love that kid.

I’m glad that we had the discussion. I explained that some black people are comfortable with using “the n” words when speaking with friends and in song lyrics.  Both words are considered offensive to me.

When I was having my dance party and  Ya’ll gonna make me lose my mind….. was playing and “the n” word was coming I pushed pause.  It was my reminder that my children will repeat what they hear me say or sing.  Today our family is taking the pledge to end the R word and the N word!


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