According to WebMD…..




According to WebMD, I should probably be dead by now. Do you ever have symptoms and immediately start searching the web? Your conclusion, is that you are dying!

Recently people have been telling me how tired I look. Next, they ask me if I am sick.  I never know how to respond when someone tells me I look tired. Do I just say thank you?  I know that stress and lack of sleep can cause major health problems.   I was having a few symptoms and instead of making an appointment to see my doctor. I decided to self diagnose myself. Well, I was either diabetic or having a stroke.

After visiting the doctor three weeks later. She told me I had an iron D deficiency.  When we had a few good days of warm weather, I made sure to get outside.  I was able to walk around our neighborhood and get some exercise.  I had a home gym back in Michigan.  I loved kicking the hell out of the boxing bag or running on the treadmill. Yes, I said running.   Now, I probably could only run if zombies were chasing me and  they would probably eat me first.

Maybe I should get a membership at a 24 hour gym.  Sydney and I can go to the gym at 3:00 am and I could workout.  No, that’s not happening.  After reading  information on WebMD, I really starting thinking about my health.  The importance of taking care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally, so that I will be around for Harrison and Sydney.  



Some of my symptoms fall under PTSD.  This didn’t surprise me at all. Parenting a child with autism has been linked to PTSD. There was an actual study done on this in Massachusetts.  My doctor told me that I need physical therapy for my sciatic nerve damage. When am I supposed to do physical therapy?????? So, I turned to Dr. Jesus. If I ever needed Jesus to take the wheel, it was now.

My responsibility is to take care of my children. I take them to their appointments and try to double up on them all in one day.  Although this is torture for me, we get it done.  But what about my appointments?  I figure I can start therapy in June when school is out.  It is only a few months away.  One thing that I will not do is go back on WebMd anymore checking for my diagnosis.

Seriously, women we need to listen to our bodies and take care of ourselves first. Take it from me I learned the hard way.  A happy mama makes a happy family.


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